Yzerfontein is a picturesque little harbour town on the west coast of South Africa, around 90km north of Cape Town. The Afrikaans name literally translates as “Iron Fountain”. The town has about 1200 inhabitants and was founded in the 1930’s when the Katz family bought the farm with the same name and subdivided the farm into smaller plots. 

Yzerfontein is known for the Sixteen Mile Beach stretching from the north (main beach) to the West Coast National Park which borders the town. Dassen Island, 10km offshore is another nature reserve accessed through Yzerfontein. Deemed as a top surf spot and perfect base for wildflower tours, Yzerfontein has developed into a tourist hub. Boasting a spa, restaurants and a very busy harbour in kreef (lobster) or snoek season. 

More interesting facts:

-       Yzerfontein is the landing point for the ACE and WACS submarine communication cables

-       Darling Wind Farm is just outside Yzerfontein, a sustainable power generating plant set for further expansion.

-       The Yzerfontein salt pan of 116 hectares (287 acres) is coastal salt pan just northeast of the town and was used for salt mining, currently mined for gypsum.

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